Ride – Seagull tab

SEAGULL - RIDE - Transcribed by Noah Nethero

This is played several different ways.  I have taken this from the live performance of  
live in Sweden, 2003 from Andy Bell & Mark Gardener
The previous attempt someone else had was pretty good but I knew that was not correct.  
listened and re-tabed it for all you Ride fans.  This is my first attempt at a tab so 
with me.

I don't know what to call all the chords.  So if I get the name wrong, I am sorry.

The  Bsus4 and the B7sus4 alternate back and forth by just dropping a finger off to give 
the rhythm sound.  You have to play with it till you get what sounds like.

(other chords heard) Bsus4 B7sus4 D A E G Dsus4 A/De-------0---------------0--------3---0--0---3--------------3------0--------=b-------0---------------0--------2---2--0---3--------------3------2--------=g-------4---------------4--------3---2--1---0--------------2------2--------=d-------4---------------4--------0---2--2---0--------------0------0--------=a-------2---------------0------------0--2---2------------------------------=e-------x(0)------------x(0)------------0---3------------------------------=
Bsus4 rhythm D A MY EYES ARE SORE MY BODY WEAK Bsus4 rhythm D A MY THROAT IS DRY I CANNOT SPEAK Bsus4 rhythm MY WORDS ARE DEAD D A Bsus4 rhythm FALLING LIKE ASHES TO THE FLOOR D E D Bsus rhythm FALLING LIKE ASHES TO THE FLOOR OH OH OH OH OH The rest of the song uses the same chords there are some variations used like the Dsus4 some parts for embellishment. Other time I can hear him playing A/D when transitioning give a alternating base sound. Play with it and have fun. YOU GAVE ME THINGS I'D NEVER SEEN YOU MADE MY LIFE A WAKING DREAM BUT WE ARE DEAD FALLING LIKE ASHES TO THE FLOOR FALLING LIKE ASHES TO THE FLOOR (Bridge chord structure) G D A DEFINITIONS CONFINE THOUGHTS Bsus4 rhythm THEY ARE A MYTH G D A Bsus4 rhythm WORDS ARE CLUMSY LANGUAGE DOESN'T FIT G D A Bsus4 rhythm BUT WE NO THERE'S NO LIMIT TO A THOUGHT G D to Dsus4 rythm WE KNOW THERE'S NO LIMIT Repeat beginning chord structure NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO SEE ME RISE YOU BURN MY WINGS BUT WATCH ME FLY ABOVE YOUR HEAD LOOKING DOWN I SEE YOU FAR BELOW LOOKING UP YOU SEE MY SPIRIT GLOW....
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