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From: Van Vekris <3EV1@QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA>

"Like a Daydream", from the CD Smile

If you don't have "Smile", Ride's first CD, you should go out and get it...its
 really worth it.  This is one of the best songs I've heard in my life:

Intro:    D - Bm
          - You can use traditional chords or barre chords (the latter are
               easier).  This bridge comes after the last D before the verse:

Verse: ===== D G F#m Em Bm "The way your hair is down, it melts into your face...(?)" - Again, you can use barre chords or tradition chords, but barre allow for more rapid changes in this relatively quick song. D: xx0232 or 557775 Bm: x24432 G: 320003 or 355433 F#m: 244222 Em: 022000 - The lead guitar is soling in the key of D. These notes are outlined below:
Play any of these notes really quickly with mild distortion any it will come out sounding like it does on the CD... - Thank you for all who wrote to me regarding my Vapour Trail tabs...any commen ts are much appreciated! Van Vekris (3ev1@Qucdn.queensU.ca)
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