Ride – Mary Anne chords

Mary Anne - Ride

Intro:  D G D G  (strummed)

D Em CEvery time I walk you home
You say you just want to be alone Mary Anne, why can't you see That you were born to marry me Take my love, its all I am See, I'm determined to be your man
DMary Anne
D Em C I wanna pour you into my empty shell
Give you secrets youll never tell As the daybreaks over our caravan And you lie beside me like a lamb
DMary Anne
G Am FI can't survive without you here
Every second seems like a year I ain't got nothing, I cant pretend
G FTake my love, its all I am
C D (stay on D)Mary Anne Mary Anne Mary Anne
Solo backed by D Em C Bongos and Bass
D Em C501 103
33 17 65 66
DMary Anne
D Em F Am G (flourish on the G) x 4 Solo backed by D G Scribed by KennyJ, Peeps and the Sandman
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