Ride - Black Night Crash tab

Introe|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|-----------3-3h5-5------------------------|D|---3-3h5-5---------3-3h5-5-3-3h5-5--------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------| X2
On the second time the other guitar does the same pattern but does it by the lower octave.
Choruse|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|-5555-3333----------------------------|D|-5555-3333-777-8888-3-5555--3-5555----|A|-3333-1111-777-8888-3-5555--3-5555----|E|-----------555-6666-1-3335--1-3333----| X2
Chorus isn't 100% right but you should have a good idea of what to play.
Verse (were vocals come in)e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|----------5---------|D|--5---3---5---5-----|A|--5---3---3---5-----|E|--3---1-------3-----| X2
Then chorus Then verse Then chorus Then bridge
Bridgee|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--3-----------------|D|--3-----------------|A|--1-11-11-11-11-43-1| X4
(Not 100% right at all but that is mainly what you play i think) (And those are 2 "1"s not "11" !!!) Then chorus Then verse Then chorus Then chorus Enjoy but remember this is my first tab, Listen to the song and you should get it. Great and band.
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