Rie Sinclair – Just You And Me chords

Not tabbed by me. This was taken off Rie Sinclair's MySpace.

Just You And Me
Written by Rie Sinclair / Robert Hartry
Copyright 2004, Fifth Floor Music, Inc. 

G BmDo I need to be invisible to just survive
C GOr am I foolishly wasting my time
G BmTry so hard to quiet my expensive dreams
C G E6Before they take me out, leave me wondering
C G D AmBaby, its just You & Me, we got a thing they can't shake
C G E6Maybe, it's a little hard sometimes to take
C G E6But I'll tell you something, it's a life worth living
C D GJust so you know, I wouldn't give it up, no.
G BmIs it all a market war in this economy
C GFilling up headlines with our fantasy
G BmSystem fails hard & we fall apart sometimes
C G E6But then you pull me back with your quiet smile
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