Right Away Great Captain – What A Pity tab

capo 5

  Fmaj7 G C C/A Am

Fmaj7 E--0-| B--3-|G--3-|D--2-|A--1-|E--0-|
What a pity that it is The way to come back home I tried to make a point To sell the last of what I own Well I can feel your breeze Begin to choke my living soul But I promise that its worth it What a pity that it is I tried to make the words become a kingdom to your soul No matter how I try its just a lyric nothing more And it cant be worth it What a pity that it is To know that your alone I tried to clean your place up and make it feel like you were home No matter how I tried, still the house won't send you now And I'm not really worth it No Im never really worth it And its not really worth it
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