Right Side Of The Tree – Drunk On A Tuesday chords

Dsus EI got outta class
F#m Dsus Ended up in my friend's dorm room
Dsus E"when'd you drink last?"
F#m DsusCan't remember cause the time's not soon
Dsus EHad a 40 on me
F#m DsusAnd two dollars just to get me by
Dsus EHit the gas station, scene
F#m DsusWe're stealin some beer tonight
Dsus EI'm drunk on a Tuesday
F#m DsusAnd I'm feel in alright
Dsus EIt's only a Tuesday
F#m DsusBut we're drinkin all night
[Repeat] Verse 2:
DsusSo I grab two cans, two of them full
EGotta skip class, fuck my school
F#mImma get bla-sted tonight
DsusCall up my friends, get things right
DsusGet em on the phone, funnel my beer
EBest damn time we had all year
F#mAin't goin home, let's have fun
DsusDrinkin til we all see the sun
Chorus Bridge:
Dsus E F#m DsusI'm outside now, but I'm not alone
Dsus E F#m DsusAnd I got my can, but it's my own
Dsus E F#m E DsusI'm so tipsy now, but I only k-n-o-w
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