Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie Part 2 chords

Capo on 2nd fret.

G AmOn the first page of our story
Em Bmthe future seemed so bright
G Amthen this thing turned out so evil
Em Bm I don’t know why I’m still surprised
G Ameven angels have their wicked schemes
Em Bmand you take that to new extremes
G Ambut you’ll always be my hero
Em Bmeven though you’ve lost your mind
Em GJust gonna stand there and watch me burn
Am Dbut that’s all right because I like the way it hurts
Em Gjust gonna stand there and hear me cry
Am Dbut that’s all right because I love the way you lie
Em D I love the way you lie Ohhh, I love the way you lie
G AmNow there’s gravel in our voices
Em Bmglass is shattered from the fight
G Amin this tug of war, you’ll always win
Em Bm even when I’m right
G Am‘cause you feed me fables from your hand
Em Bmwith violent words and empty threats
G Amand it’s sick that all these battles
Em Bmare what keeps me satisfied
[Chorus] (Not sure about the Bridge):
Em DSo maybe I’m a masochist
Am GI try to run but I don’t wanna ever leave
Em Dtil the walls are goin’ up
Am Bm in smoke with all our memories
Then eminem rap part. Guess you could play the same chords on it?
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