Ringo Starr – I Dont Believe You tab

Hey everyone,

I was disheartened to see that this song was not already tabbed out 
(chords anyways) and thought i would do it because i wanted to learn 
it.  Enjoy.


C Bm C Bm C Bm D

                 G   C    D     D
CHORUS: I don't believe you
                 G  C   D     D
'Cause I've been lied to
Girl you know you've done me wrong
Am                    B
I can see it in your face
I can't take much more of this
Am                      B
Gonna put you in your place
Dm                  C
Tellin' lies won't get you far
G                    A
I learned that in my youth
I'm givin' you just one more chance
C                           D
And all I want from you is truth

CHORUS twice

Forget about your credit cards
Am                  B
And all your fancy clothes
Forget about those rings and things
A                       B
and the powder for your nose
Dm                    C
It wouldn't take that much from you
G               A
To keep me satisfied
But you won't see my face no more
C                           D
If you don't stop telling lies

CHORUS twice

I love you girl
That much is true
C                     Bm
The truth is staring back at you
C                        Bm
But you always break my heart in two
Oh why? 
C                        Bm
I know you think what's wrong is right
C                   Bm
You seem so happy when we fight
C                      Bm
So I won't be coming home tonight
D        D7
No lie, no lie


G C D D  G C D D

I've said all that there is to say
Am                     B
You better make up your mind
If you look into these lonely eyes
Am                       B
The truth is what you'll find
Dm                     C
It wouldn't take that much from you
G          A
To keep me satisfied
But the next time that you do me wrong
C                     D
I'll be kissing you good bye

CHORUS twice

End on E
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