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From: OpenFace@aol.com
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 22:16:21 -0500
Subject: CRD: "Plan 13," Riverdales

"Plan 13"
performed by the Riverdales
written by Ben Foster/Dan Schafer (Ben Weasel/Danny Vapid)
(C) 1995 Weasels Inc. (ASCAP)
(P) 1995 Lookout! Records
from the Lookout! Records release The Riverdales (LK 120 LP/CS/CD)
transcribed by Mike Ripplinger (openface@aol.com)

* Lyrics are my best guess, as a sheet is not included with the album

["Plan 13"]

[A / D / A / G / D / A] x2

A             D    A          G                 D
Lucy went out on a date, they parked in Lover's Lane
A             D    A       G           D
Makin' out to Dion and the radio broke in
B      G         A           G                D    A
Said a one-armed lunatic was on the loose and Lucy freaked
B         G     A                   G                   D    A
Feel that dryer spinnin' crazy (?), that's what we call Plan 13

[A / D / A / G / D / A] x2

Wrapped with incest(??), back at Lucy's, under the street lights
Lucy walked around the car and kissed her man good-night
A bloody hook was hangin' from the handle gleamin', out of scene
Lucy dropped dead on the spot and that's what we call Plan 13

[A / D / A / G / D / A] x2

[B / E / F# / A / E] x4

Sue was baby-sitting, getting freaky calls all night
The operator said, "We'll trace it, keep him on the line"
Call came in -- "He's upstairs in the house!" the operator screamed
Sue ran out, the cops showed up, the kids were dead, that's Plan 13

[A / D / A / G / D / A] x2
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