Road To Distraction – Its Too Late chords


It's Too Late

Artist: Road To Distraction
Composer: Paul Lewis

Tuning: D Standard ( D G C F A D)

Intro: D - A - C - G x2

DThe morning rapture,
AIt Burns my skin,
CAs I open my eyes to the
DThe Fear and the hunger,
AThey're burning within,
CHas I hold the keys to the,
D AIt's too late,
C GWhen we die,
D AIt's too late,
C GDon't you cry.
It's too late, When we're high, It's too late, Don't ask why. Verse2 Come out of the darkness, And into the light, But don't you let them, Take your soul. How can you take it, They're spinning you round, With the sh*t they caused you, In your teens, Chorus Solo, D - A - C - G x2 Chorus x2
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