Rob Thomas – Fire On The Mountain chords

Verse Fil1 1e|------------|B|---3/5-1-3--|G|------------|D|------------|
G C G Fil1 1fire on the mountain through the freeze, save yourself
G C G Fil1 1there's evil in the garden but you don't see it, i can tell
-CHORUS- Riff a Riff be|----------------------|----------------------|B|----------------------|----------------------|G|--5h7-7-7-7/9-5-5h7---|--5h7-7-7--4-5-4-5-4--|D|----------------------|----------------------|A|----------------------|----------------------|E|----------------------|----------------------|
G Riff ahow do you sleep while the city's burning?
G Riff awhere do you go when you can't go home?
G Riff ahow do you drink when there's blood in the water?
G Riff b 4xwhere do you turn when the world moves on?
Verse 2 fill 2e|---------------------------|B|---------3-----------------|G|---4-5-4-5b7-hold-5(b7)r-4-|D|---------------------------|
G C G fill 2fire on the mountain you can feel it against your skin
G C G fill 2you're standing by the river let the river take you in
Gwell, i see smoke out on the horizon
Gmama, get your baby, take her down to the water
Gi view the wind like a promise broken
Gi see the future but it's getting farther
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