Rob Thomas - Lonely No More Live Acoustic tab

Lonely No More (live-acoustic)
Rob thomas
album "something to be"
standard tunning
capo 2nd fret

great song!!!!

these are the chords used by Rob Thomas in this video, check it out to get it right

hope it´s useful to you, it´s my second tab

any question or request to my e-mail:

cheers from guatemala!!!!

Used chords

Em Am * ** Em7E----0-----0---------------3---|B----0-----1---------------3---|G----0-----2-----0-----0---0---|D----2-----2-----2-----1---2---|A----2-----0-----3-----2---2---|E----------------3-----2---0---|
_________________________________________________________ Intro:
Em7 Am D* * Em7 Am D* **E----3----0-------0-----------3------------0-------------|B----3----0h1-----3-----------3----0h1-----3-------------|G----0----0h2-----2----0------0----0h2-----2--------0----|D----2----0h2-----0----2------2----0h2-----0--------0h1--|A----0h2--0------------3------2---------------------2----|E----0-----------------3------0---------------------2----|x2
_________________________________________________________ verse:
Em Am * **E----0-----0-----------------|B----0-----0h1---------------|G----0-----0h2-----0-----0---|D----2-----0h2-----0h2---1---|A----2-----0-------3-----2---|E------------------3-----2---|x2
_________________________________________________________ chorus:
Em Am D* **E----0-----0------0---------|B----0-----1------3---------|G----0-----2------2-----0---|D----2-----2------0-----1---|A----2-----0------------2---|E-----------------------2---|
Em Am D* **E----0-----0------0---------|B----0-----1------3---------|G----0-----2------2-----0---|D----2-----2------0-----1---|A----2-----0------------2---|E-----------------------2---|
Em Am D* *E----0-----0------0---------|B----0-----1------3---------|G----0-----2------2-----0---|D----2-----2------0-----2---|A----2-----0------------3---|E-----------------------3---|
Em7 Am D* **E----3-----0------0---------|B----3-----1------3---------|G----0-----2------2-----0---|D----2-----2------0-----1---|A----2-----0------------2---|E-----------------------2---|
________________________________________________________ whooho part:
Em Am D* **E----0-----0------0---------|B----0-----1------3---------|G----0-----2------2-----0---|D----2-----2------0---0h1---|A----2-----0------------2---|E-----------------------2---|x2
________________________________________________________ Bridge:
Am Em * **E---0-----0---- -------------|B---1-----0---- -------------|G---2-----0---- ----0----0---|D---2-----3---- ----2----1---|A---0-----3---- ----3----2---|E--------------x3----3----2---|
_________________________________________________________ in here is where the chords changes have to be made!! [verse 1:] Em Now it seems to me Am That you know just what to say * ** Words are only words Can you show me something else Em Can you swear to me Am that you'll always be this way * ** Show me how you feel More than ever baby [Chorus:] Em Am I don't wanna be lonely no more D* ** I don't wanna have to pay for this Em Am D* I don't want to know the lover at my door ** Is just another heartache on my list Em Am I don't wanna be angry no more D* * You know I could never stand for this Em Am So when you tell me that you love me know for sure D* ** I don't want to be lonely anymore Am,Em x3 *,** [verse 2:] (same chords as the first one) Now its hard for me with my heart still on the mend Open up to me like you do your girlfriends And you sing to me and it's harmony Girl, what you do to me is everything Make me say anything just to get you back again Why can we just try Bridge: Am Em What if I was good to you, what if you were good to me Am Em What if I could hold you till I feel you move inside of me Am Em What if it was paradise, what if we were symphonies * ** What if I gave all my life to find some way to stand beside you take care!!!!
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