Robbie Seay Band - Peace chords

I love this song, but I'm not very musically inclined, so I had to sit and ponder for a 
to realize that it's in the key of G#. You know what that means, kids! Capo on 1!

Capo 1

There's a little riff he plays--in the acoustic version at least, I like that one 
top of the G# (G with capo) and C# (C with capo). Here's how it goes:

(and I copied the lyrics off of a lyric site, so if they're wrong, capitalized or incorrectly, or misspelled... rawr!! Not my fault! (: ) The progression is the same throughout, but I'll chord it all for ya anyways.
G Ccalmer than the sky
Dfar away so blue
C Gland of living God
Cgrant your peace on earth
Dwe can feel you move
Cand cannot stay the same
the winds are blowing strong G (into chorus) God of heaven come (chorus:)
G Cbreathe peace
Dbreathe your peace on us
Cso we might breathe you deep
G Cbreathe peace
Dbreathe your peace on us
Cland of the living God
verse 2
G Cif we are in the way
Dmove us to the side
CGod forgive our wrongs
Grest your hands on us
Call the world is yours
Dlet us not forget
Cit was you who bore the cross
GGod of comfort breathe
(chorus) Enjoy! Awaken the dawn! God Bless, Stephen T
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