Robert Duncan - Gunfight Epiphany Terriers Theme chords

Very Simple chords: E and A 

Can be D and G with capo on 2nd fret.. try and see which you like better.

Be sure to whistle along, nothing like this song.


[E] [A]** whistle **
[E] [A]Caught a ride with trickster and a javelin man
[E] [A]** whistle **
[E] [A]To a town down by the sea

[E] [A]** whistle **
[E] [A]Steel Neena was a girl who set me free, she said
[E] [A]** whistle **
[E] [A]I lay my soul out down to bleed
[E]Hell, no, son [A]Aint gonna get the gun [E]Seen a lotta things [A]And the've only just begun [E]'Cause the minute they speak [A]Is the minute that I run [E]Ten clicks south to[A] the border station [E]I said, "Hey, hey, son [A]I'm gonna get you sprung [E]Just keep on looking [A]For the sallyport punk" [E]'Cause the minute he speaks [A]Is the minute that you run [E]Fresh set of wheels [A]And I'll see you at the don [E]Past thirty second [A]And the bakers got a bun [E]Sweatin' that my Neena's [A]Gonna get attention [E]Living on the lam is [A]like living on the sun [E]Try to make it to Ysidro [A]Where I'm gonna be done Repeat Intro
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