Robert Plant Alison Krauss - Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us tab

Recording Artists: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Composer: Sam Phillips
Album: Raising Sand
Tabbed by Chris Fullmer
Notes: Sorry itís not perfect.  I donít often listen to music and transcribe it.  I
just download the tab or chords.  So this is my first submission of a tab Ė go easy on me.
noticed I couldnít find this tab anywhere, not for the Plant/Krauss version or the
(which I have not heard Ė yet).  These chords do not compare to the intricate tab that
deserves, but hopefully this will be enough for people to go on to come up with their
arrangements.  I'm having a hard time getting this tab to look right in preview mode on
site. I had all the chords lined up to the words where they should change.  So if they 
not lined up correctly, you'll have to figure the timing out on your own.  I hope
comes out looking ok.

Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

Cm 			     G7
Strange things are happening every day
           C		     Fm (Walking Bass F, G, G#)
I hear the music up above my head
	   Cm			 G#
Though the sight of my heart has left me again,
       G	Cm
I hear music up above

Cm		    G7
Secrets are written in the sky
		C			 Fm (Walking Bass F, G, G#)
Looks like Iíve lost the love Iíve never found
	   Cm		     G#
Though the sound of hope has left me again,
       G	Cm
I hear music up above

C			    Em
Standing in my broken heart all night long
Am				    F
Darkness held me like a friend when love wore off
C				   Em
Looking for the lamb thatís hidden in the cross
	     Am	  F   (Bass (on the D string) F, D)
The finderís lost
Dm	    C
I know Iíve loved you too much
	   F		C  F  G
Iíll go on alone to get through

SOLO on Verse Chords:

Cm 		       G7
I hear Rosetta singing in the night
	  C					    Fm (Bass F, G, G#)
Echoes of light that shine like stars after theyíre gone
Cm			    G#
Tonight sheís my guide as I go on alone
	 G         Cm
With the music up above

SOLO on Verse Chords and on the last Cm
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