Rocco Deluca And The Burden - Soul tab

Tab made by Jim Brady

Open D tuning
D A D F# A D
(Low to high)

Note: On the album, he plays with a kapo on the second fret, so the song is
in the key of E. If you're trying to match the album version and don't have
a kapo, you can also play it in Open E (E B E G# B E)

-Verse/Intro-(Play 4 times)D |-0-0-0-10/12---0-0-0-10/12-10/12-|A |-0-0-0-10/12---0-0-0-10/12-10/12-|F#|-0-0-0-10/12---0-0-0-10/12-10/12-|D |-0-0-0-10/12---0-0-0-10/12-10/12-|A |-0-0-0-10/12---0-0-0-10/12-10/12-|D |-0-0-0-10/12---0-0-0-10/12-10/12-| ^^^^^^^^^^^ (He plays this part several different ways. Just listen and decide which is best for you.)
-Chorus 1-
D |-8-5-8-5-|A |-8-5-8-5-|F#|-8-5-8-5-|D |-8-5-8-5-|A |-8-5-8-5-|D |-8-5-8-5-|
-Chorus 2- (Strum each of these for 1 measure each)D |-0----X----X----X-|A |-0----3----1----1-|F#|-0----------------|D |-0----------------|A |-0----3----1----1-|D |-0----X----X----X-|
-Chorus 2 Alternate- (The previous version is based on videos of Rocco,D |-12----10----8----8-| but this version is easier and sounds great too.)A |-12----10----8----8-|F#|-12----10----8----8-|D |-12----10----8----8-|A |-12----10----8----8-|D |-12----10----8----8-|
(The solo on the album is more vocal than instrumental, so there's not really a point in tabbing it.)
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