Rockstar 2011 – Jo Bhi Main chords

This is one of the excellent song from the upcoming film Rockstar starring Ranbir Kapoor.
Music Director: A.R.Rahman

Chords used are:
Em- 022000
G- 320003
D- xx0232
Am- x02210

Intro: Em Em Eme--------0--------------------------------------|B-------------0---------------------------------|G----------0----------2-------------------------|D-----2----------4h5------4----0----------------|A-----------------------------------------------|E--0--------------------------------------------|
Intro part is played in the starting of Ya ya ya .. oo oo till the vocals start. This is from where the vocals start: Chorus:
EmJo bhi main, kehna chahoon
G Em EmBarbaad karein, alfaz mere, alfaz mere ( There is not a full Gmajor. It is
played for a very very short time.)
EmOo yeah yeah oo ..
G DKabhi mujhe lagey ke jaise, saara hi yeh jahaan hai jaage
Am DJo hai aur nahin bhi hai, yeh fiza ghata hawa bahaarein
G DTujhe kare ishaare ya
Am DKaise kahun, kahani main inki
EmJo bhi main, kehna chahoon
G EmBarbaad karein, alfaz mere, alfaz mere
EmOo yeah yeah oo ..
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