Streetlights tab with lyrics by Rocky Votolato - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Rocky Votolato – Streetlights tab

Artist - Rocky Votolato
Song - Streetlights
Album - Makers

Tuning - Standard


C                         G
We can go and walk in the darkness
    F                    C
get relief at each streetlight
I don't know how much it would cost us
         F                                Am
probably more than I've spent in my whole life
         G       F                   C              F
on these silly ideas that waste more time than I had to
                 Am      G     F
lose when I woke up this morning
            C               Am           F               G#       C
seems like I've got so much more to lose now than I ever had before

G     C

Am G F|-----------------1-----||-----1-----3-----1-----||------2-----0----2-----||----2------------3-----||---0------2------3-----||---------3-------1-----|"...Life on these..." / "... up this morning..."
C(x2) Am(x2) F G# C(x2) G(x2)|------------------1----1---1/4--4----4----0-----3------||---1------1--------1----1--1/4---4----4---1-----3------||----0------2--------2----2-2/5----5----5--0-----0------||-----2------2----3----3----3/6-6----6-----2-----0------||--3------0--------------------------------3-----2------||------------------------------------------------3------|"I've got so much....before"
C G F C Little beanie-bean with the calculator keys G F Am can he add it all up, make it all make sense to me G F C I've got no idea how much more time F Am G F I've got left if I can't get my mind right C Am F G# C the simplest little melody has got me all tangled up in knots G C ...I'm tangled up Chords in this verse are strummed once until the Am at smart... where the Am and G are loudly twice: C G We can go and walk in the morning F C We don't need streetlights just a new start G F Am Not paralyzed by appearances with big ideas and just way to smart G F C F to walk around on the surface when there's an ocean Am G F just beneath it's blue-green smile C Am F G# C And all the while, nothing stopping me from jumping in and sinking fast G C ...I'll sing you to sleep first
I still don't really know how to do the solo but here's a little idea of what I do for a start. PAUSE |slow slide||-------------3-------------------------------------------------------||-1-3-5-3\1/3-3---6-5-3-1/3-3-3-3-----8-6-5h6p5--3-/-1-/-0------------||-0-0-0-0---0--0--0----------------------------------------2----------||--0-0-0-----------0-0-0---0-0-0-------0-0-----0----------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then you play the same part as the verse ending... F / G# C G C And end with last C strummed once after the little C riff.
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