Rod Stewart - Mandolin Wind tab

Mandolin Wind

That's the tab of the song Mandolin Wind without the slide guitar

written by Pat The Tschapp


B A A B B A e--------- e--------- e--------- e---------| b-----5--- b-----7--- b-----7--- b-----5---| g---6----- g---8----- g---8----- g---6-----| d-7------- d-9------- d-9------- d-7-------| a--------- a--------- a--------- a---------| e--------- e--------- e--------- e---------|
A Ee--------- e-0--0-----|b-----9--- b----------|g---8----- g----------|d-7------- d----------| a----------| e-0--0-----|
1. Verse: A E A E When the rain came I thought youd leave A E cause I knew how much you loved the sun A E But you chose to stay, stay and keep me warm A E Through the darkest nights Ive ever known B A If the mandolin wind couldnt change a thing A E A E Then I know I love ya 2. Verse: A E A E Oh the snow fell without a break A E Buffalo died in the frozen fields you know A E Through the coldest winter in almost fourteen years A E I couldnt believe you kept a smile B A Now I can rest assured knowing that weve seen the worst A E A E And I know I love ya 3. Verse: A E A E Oh I never was good with romantic words A E So the next few lines come really hard A E Dont have much but what Ive got is yours A E Except of course my steel guitar B Ha, cause I know you dont play A But Ill teach you one day A E Because I love ya Solo: (original played with Mandolin) (the notes with * you have to play more times) A E A E
A E A Ee------12*--14-12-14-16*--14-12*--------------------------------------|b-14*-------------------------------12*----------------12*------------|g----------------------------------------14*--14-13-14------14-13*----|d---------------------------------------------------------------------|a---------------------------------------------------------------------|e---------------------------------------------------------------------|
B A A Be-14-12-11-----------12-11--------------12-11-------------------------|b----------14-12*----------14-12--------------14-12*------------12*---|g--------------------------------14*------------------14--13-14-------|d---------------------------------------------------------------------|a---------------------------------------------------------------------|e---------------------------------------------------------------------|
B A A B Ee-14-12-11-----------12-11--------------12-11-------------------------|g----------14-12*----------14-12--------------14-12------------12*----|d--------------------------------14*----------------14*--13-14--------|d---------------------------------------------------------------------|a---------------------------------------------------------------------|e---------------------------------------------------------------------|
4. Verse: A E A E I recall the night we knelt and prayed A E Noticing your face was thin and pale A E I found it hard to hide my tears A E I felt ashamed I felt Id let you down B A No mandolin wind couldnt change a thing A B B A Couldnt change a thing no, no
b-----5--- b-----7--- b-----7-- b-----5---| g---6----- g---8----- g---8---- g---6-----| d-7------- d-9------- d-9------ d-7-------|
A B B Ab-----5-- b-----7--- b-----7--- b-----5--|g---6---- g---8----- g---8----- g---6----|d-7------ d-9------- d-9------- d-7------|
(In the end the song will become faster. Play that figure along)
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