Roddy Hart – Flames tab

From the Bookmarks album.

Capo 2nd Fret. All chords relative to capo.

G: 320033
Am: x02210
Em: 022000
C: x32010
D: XX0232
F: 133210

The verse chords are played like this:

Listen to the album to get the rhythm, or check youtube for a solo acoustic video which make it clearer. Intro: G Am Em C x 2 G Am Beneath the skyline burning bright Em C With neon signs and old debris G Am Punch drunk and looking for a fight Em C Step out young Jack and sweet Marie G Am Chasing cars like shooting stars Em C In search of some infinity G Am Em C Turn on your love They stumbled in and out the park and tried to find a cheap hotel Badly blinded by the dark Find sleep inside some kind of well He says these moments I would buy She says what makes you think I'd sell Turn on your love Chorus: D Em C G And the days will pass like falling rain D Em C G And the tide will turn both feeling strange D Em C G Every face will start to look the same F D Only bones of trust remain F C G In the end we burn like flames Same chords throughout the song. I'm not entirely sure about some of the lyrics, so correct me if I've misheard any of them. Enjoy.
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