Rodney Carrington – Dear Penis tab

Chords Used

	G		A		D
e	3		0		2
B	3		2		3
G	0		2		2
D	0		2		0
A	2		0		x
E	3		x		x

I tabbed this off a live version, I strum it differently then he does, but if you
keep time it sounds good

----0-----0-----2-----2-----3-----3-----3-----3---- (play twice)----0-----0-----2-----2--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--------2-----2--0--0--0--0-----------------------------3--3--3--3----------------------------------------
continue that pattern the entire way through song, you always strum D four times, except during the first line of the two verses, G and A are always strummed twice Verse 1 D G A D Dear Penis, I don't think I like you anymore G A D You used to watch me shave, now all you do is stare at the floor G A D Oh Dear Penis, I don't like you anymore G A D It used be me and you a paper towel and a dirty magazine G A D Thats all we needed to get by G A D Now it seems things have changed and I think that youre the one to blame G A D Dear Penis I dont like you anymore Verse 2 (he sings) D G A D Dear Rodney I dont think I like you anymore G A D Cause when you get to drinkin', you put me places I've never been before G A D Oh Rodney I dont like you anymore G A D Why can't we just get a grip on our man to hand relationship G A D Come to terms with truly how we feel G A D If we put our heads together, we can just stay home forever G A D Dear Penis, I think I like you after all G A D Oh and Rodney while youre shavin', shave my balls enjoy the song, its hilarious to play with your friends.
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