Rodney Carrington – Gay Factory Worker tab

Very easy song to learn and play. Funny song to play for your friends!

         D            G             D        D
He's a, gay factory worker from the south. He'll take what you pee out of

     E             A       G                       D
and put it in his mouth. He works all day with a great big smile, and he

   G                    D     G            D                        E
carries a large lunch pale. After work it's off to the bar, where he meets

               A        G                 D              G
his boyfriend Dale. They love the songs, love to dance, sometimes without

 D              G                  D                E
wearing pants. Come on boys let's take the chance. We'll all change our

names to Lance.

         D           G               D      G
He's a, Gay Factory Worker from the south. He'll take what

 D              E             A
pee out of and put it in his mouth. (Mumbling....)

Rodney then puts the microphone in his mouth to make a muffling noise, so there are no 
Just play the main verse over again with the same chords to finish out the song.
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