Rodney Crowell – Heartbroke tab

Heartbroke - The Good Life

Awesome lead guitar on this
(See fills listed at bottom)

Am  F  G  C

You stopped stopping by to say hello    (Fill A)
You started starting up each time I phone  (Fill A)
I only call when I get the blues
(Fill B)
     F        Em            Dm      C
You think at least I could turn to you
     Am             F        G       C
But I'm sure your heart is breaking too  (Fill A)

It's getting better every day    (Fill C)
I still reserve the right to complain to you   (Fill D)
That being said I rarely do
You left me with nothing left to lose (Fill B)
But I'm sure your heart is breaking too  (Fill A)

This part is played on the second and fourth lineof this verse------------------------------------------------|-12b14r12-----12--10-----10/12\10---------------|---------------------------------------9--------|------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|
I see you found a way to pass the time "You'd like him, he's a lot like you" I didn't see you getting saddled up so soon "babe, i know you'll find somebody too" Maybe another week to recoup F Em Dm C "It's never easy but we'll make it through" (Fill B) Am F G C Yeah, I'm sure your heart is breaking too (Fill A) Fill B on first three lines F Em Dm C I can't imagine how hard it's been On second thought you don't seem to give a shit You claim your pain, but where's the bruise? Am F G C Yeah, I'm sure your heart is breaking too
Fill A:----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|------7--5------------------5---3-------------|-5------------5---------3---------------------|(It sounds like some notes are doubled but I'm not sure)
Fill B:
F Em Dm C----------------------------------------------|-------13---------12----------10--------8-----|----14---------12----------10---------9-------|-15---------14----------12---------10---------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|
Fill C:----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|--17---16---14/-16-\14----12/-14-\12----9-----|----------------------------------------------|--15---14---12/-14-\12----10/-12-\10----7-----|----------------------------------------------|
Fill D:----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|-14----14/-16-\14----12------17----9----12----|----------------------------------------------|-12----12/-14-\16----10------15----7----10----|----------------------------------------------|
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