Roger Waters – Hello I Love You tab

Just tinkering around with it, this is the basics:

Intro tab on the top 2 strings (although not played on a guitar in the tune):

E-----2------1------2------3-----4----5---|B---3-----3-------3------3----3-----3-----|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------| A-----------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------|
G Gm Have you heard G C it was on the news G Gm G C Db D your child can read you like a bedtime story C Cm Like a Magazine C Cm Like a has-been out to grass C Cm Like afternoon T.V. C F Gb G Why is my life going by so fast? Dsus2 Em Hello I love you Dsus2 Em Is there anybody in there? Bb Put down the phone Em Shut up the shop Bb Em Make all their techno babble stop Em F We'll find a short-waved frequency G the wave connecting you and me D Hello I love you. The other verses and choruses follow those progressions. ***The Dm of the chorus may be a D, D5 or Dsus2 (I don't hear a 3rd beneath his voice, so use what sounds best to you there). The climbing "Hello" part stems off the final chorus: Bb Em F G Am F G D The outtro is similar to the climbing part and chorus, but with some variations, like a walking part E F Gb G and others. Song ends on D.
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