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Stan Rogers - House of Orange

Am          G           F              C
I took back my hand, and I showed him the door
             Am           Dm              F
No dollar of mine would I part with this day
     C           Am          F           C
For fueling the engine of a bloody cruel war
      Am           F          G
In my forefathers' home far away;

     Am             G              F            C
Who fled the first famine wearing all that they owned
             Am              Dm         F
Were called navigators, all ragged and torn,
     C               Am               F           C
And  built the grand trunk here, and found a new home
    Am           G            C
Wherever their children were born.

      Am            G        F           C
Their sons have no politics. None can recall
                Am        Dm        F
Allegiance from long generations before
     C       Am              F         C
O'this or O'that name can't matter at all.
   Am           F          G
Or be cause enough for to war.

   Am              G           F            C
And meanwhile, my babies are safe in their home
                  Am           Dm         F
Unlike their pale cousins who cower and cry
        C           Am             F           C
While kneecappers nail their poor dads to the floor
    Am           G            C
And teach them to hate and to die.

   Am             G           F              C
It's those cruel beggars who spurn the fair coin
                    Am              Dm              F
The peace for their kids they could take at their will:
           C           Am        F             C
Since the day old king Billy prevailed at the Boyne
        Am                  F                  G
They've bombed and they've maimed and they've killed.

         Am          G           F             C
Now they cry out for money, and wail at the door
                   Am           Dm          F
But home rule or republic, 'tis all of it shame;
     C              Am             F         C
And a curse for us here who want nothing of war.
    Am           G            C
We're kindred in nothing but name.

   Am              G                 F           C
All rights and all wrongs have long since blown away,
                Am           Dm           F
For causes are ashes where children lie slain.
         C        Am          F         C
Yet the damned U.D.L. and the cruel I.R.A.
      Am           F          G
Will tomorrow go murdering again.

   Am          G           F              C
But no penny of mine will I add to the fray
             Am                Dm          F
"Remember the Boyne" they will cry out in vain,
     C           Am             F           C
For I've given my heart to the place I was born
        Am        F              G
And forgiven the whole House of Orange;
      Am            G              C
King Billy and the whole House of Orange.
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