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This is "Watching the Apples Grow" from Stan Rogers' really excellent
album Fogarty's Cove.  There's some very good backup guitar which I
would really appreciate someone tabbing. It's probably Curly Boy Stubbs
doing it, with Stan just playing rhythm, but I could be wrong.

Capo 2 frets up; the chords shown are just the chord shapes as if the
capo wasn't there, so the REAL chords (if you don't have a capo) would
be a whole step up, e.g. in the first verse: D,G,D,Bm,G,D

C                                             F
It's early up, Ontario farm, chicken crow for day
              C                                 Am
I wish I grew Annapolis apples up above Fundy's Bay
F     C
Oh it seems so far away

C                                                     F
On the ridge above Acadia's town to the valley down below
                   C                                          Am
The evening shadow falls upon the family listening to the radio
F   C
And watching the apples grow

F                 C                      F               C
Down on the farm, back among the family, away from Ontario
F               C                                         Am
Hear the ladies singing to their men, dancing it heel and toe
F   C
And watching the apples grow

[There's a fiddle solo at this point.  If anyone would like to      ]
[transcribe it, that'd be really cool.  I mean transcribe it for    ]
[fiddle, I could probably get it for guitar, with a lot of trouble. ]

C                                            F
Ontario, y'know I've seen a place I'd rather be
                      C                                         Am
Your scummy lakes and city of Toronto don't do a damn thing for me
F   C
I'd rather live by the sea

C                                                       F
I've watched the V's of geese go by, the foxfoot in the snow
                          C                                       Am
I've climbed the ridge of Gaspereaux Mt., looking to the valley below
F   C
And watching the apples grow.


Guitar Solo: C v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . .e----------3---3-3-----------------|-----3-------------------------0---|eB-/5--------------\3---1-------1-1-|/5------\3---1-------1-1-1---------|BG--------------------------2-------|-----------------2-----------------|GD----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|DA----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|AE----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|E
F C Am F v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . .e--1---1-1-1-0-----0---0-0-0-------|-------------------------1---------|eB--------------3-------------3-1---|-1---1-1-1-0-----------------------|BG----------------------------------|-----------------2-----------------|GD----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|DA----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|AE----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|E
C v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . .e--0-1-0----------------------------|eB--------3-1-0---0-1----------------|BG--------------2--------------------|GD-----------------------------------|DA-----------------------------------|AE-----------------------------------|E
Repeat chorus twice, then wrap it up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Notes on the Solo: If anyone knows who's playing this, please tell me! It's played quick & snappy- keeps you on your toes! When he slides from/to a note it's always started on a whole step (two frets) above/below, whichever's appropriate. The backup Am and F following it are single strums only (this goes for the rest of the song, too). There are probably some grace notes & stuff which I didn't get, 'cause this is my first attempt at transcribing anything. Nevertheless, I think it's pretty good. Notes on the Song: Great song! The rhythm is somewhat bluegrassy, a fast boom-chicka (bass note - strum chord down/up). The only real trouble I had was figuring out where the chord switch was on the last line of each verse. There's a run from F to C which I play something like this: F C v . . . v . . . v . . . v . . .
So I'm not entirely sure where the actual switch is, but I think it's right the way I finally put it. Notes on the Tablature: 'v' is the beat. '. . .' are the notes in-between, though the middle '.' could be considered a lighter downbeat. '/' is a slide up the note following. '\' is a slide down to the note following. Please send any comments, questions, queries, criticisms, about this transcription to ME because Stan Rogers ain't around no more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peter Keller []~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wakefield, Rhode Island~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!MORE BLUEGRASS!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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