Rogers Stan – Make & Break Harbour tab

Verse I:

    D              Bm          G             A
How still lies the bay, in the light western airs
      Em            G         A
Which blow from the crimson horizon
     D            D7           G         A 
Once more we tack home, with a dry empty hole 
       Em            G          A
Saving nets with the breezes so fair
        D           Bm        G             A
She's a kindly cape islander, old but still sound
       Em          G           A
But so lost in the long liners shadow
         D              D7          G           A
Make and Break and make do, but the fish are so few
         Em         G                 D
That she won't be replaced should she flounder

Verse II:

Now its so hard to not think of before the big war
When the cod went so cheap, but so plenty
Foreign trawlers go by now with long seeking eyes
Taking all where we seldom take any
And the young folk don't stay with the fisherman's ways
Long ago they all moved to the cities 
And the ones left behind old and tired and blind 
Won't work for a pound, for a penny.

   G              A           D        
In Make and Break Harbour the boats are so few
    Bm       A           G         A
Too many are hold up and rotten.
     D           Bm        D            G
Most towns stand empty old nets hung to dry
    A          G        D
Are blown away lost and forgotten

Verse III

Now I can see the big draggers that stirred up the bay
Leaving lobster traps smashed on the bottom
And they think it don't pay to respect the old ways
That make and break men have not forgotten
For we still keep our time to the turn of the tide 
In this boat that I built with my father
Still lifts to the sky, "wan loller" and I
Still talk like old friends on the water

Repeat Chorus Twice
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