Rolling Stones - Love Is Strong tab


Tabber: Mord_Wraith
Date: 6/8/2005

Tuning (low to high): EADGBE


G5 A5 C Cadd9E|-------------------------------------|B|-----------1---3---3---3---3---3-----|G|---0-2-2---0---0---4p2-4p2-4p2-4p2---|D|---0-2-2---2---2---------------------|A|---x-0-0---3---3---------------------|E|---3---------------------------------|
The same chords are played throughout the entire song, only differently... and also there's the guitar leads played in Em that make the song sound oh so good. Typical Rolling Stones song... awesome. Chorus:
D5 x-5-7-7-x-x F5 x-8-10-10-x-xG5 x-10-12-12-x-x
"What are you scared of, baby It's more than just a dream I need some time..." D5 xx023x C5 x3x01x A5 x022xx "We make a beautiful team Beautiful team" --- For the chorus just play the chord progression D5 F5 G5 as you hear it in the song, and when it gets to right before "we make a beautiful team" he plays D5 C5 A5. Listen to the song and you'll get it perfectly, it's easy. Improvise a bit, and the leads are in Em.
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