Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong tab ver. 2

Rolling Stones 
    Love Is Strong
    from the Voodoo Lounge album 

    Tabbed by Rein Hettinga ( e-mail: )

    I never saw a tab version of this song, so i gave it a try.
    Only tabbed the cool Keith Richards rhythm part though.                         
    The Ron Wood backing/solo part is basicly the chords
    (in standard tuning) and some blues licks in A.

     Chords used 

G or G A C D F D[-0----12--2--5--7--10--] If these chords sound ***ty B[-0----12--2--5--7--10--] maybe you have to tune to G[-0----12--2--5--7--10--] "Keith tuning" (open G) D[-0----12--2--5--7--10--] just like Keith! G[-0----12--2--5--7--10--] X[-----------------------]
(Keith doesn't have a 6th string, that's what the X stands for) Intro (open G-tuning)
A C G A D[------------------------------------] B[----------5---5----3---3---3---3p2--] G[--0h2-2---5--5-----4p2-4p2-4p2-4p2--] D[--0h2-2---5-5-----------------------] G[--0h2-2-----------------------------] X[------------------------------------]
This isn't just the intro but also the verse (same chords) It is played again and again but with some slight variations: palm muting, hammer-ons and pull-offs, and some sliding. Then there's the verse and that's played something like this: play this three times
D F G D D[--------------] I haven't indicated how many times each B[--------------] chord is played. Just listen to the the G[-7--10-12--7--] recording.(as for the timing) D[-7--10-12--7--] G[-7--10-12--7--] X[--------------]
then this D C A D[-----------------------------------2--] B[-----------------------------------2--] G[--7-7-7--5--2---0h2--0h2-0h2-0h2-2-2--] D[--7-7-7--5--2---0h2--0h2-0h2-0h2-2----] G[--7-7-7--5--2---0h2--0h2-0h2-0h2-2----] X[--------------------------------------]
and then back to verse/intro riff Hope you can use this. I would like comments
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