Rolling Stones – Satisfaction tab

From: James T. Morris 
Subject: TAB: Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

               (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
      Words and music by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards C1965

Main Riff (continue pattern)
E A E A I can't get no satisfaction I can't get no satisfaction E B7 E A Cause I try__ and I try___ and I try__ and try__ (start main riff) A E A D A E A D I can't get no I can't get no A E A D A E A D When I'm driving in my car and the man comes on the radio A E A D A E A D he's telling me more and more about some useless information A E A D A E A D supposed to drive my imagination I can't get no A E (NC) E A D A E A D Oh no no no hey hey hey That's what I say
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