Rolling Stones – The Spider And The Fly chords

Left handed
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The Spider And The Fly chords
The Rolling Stones  1965  live version

E7 E 4x

E7Sittin' thinkin' sinkin' drinkin'
E E7Wondering what I'd do when I'm through tonight
A A7Smoking moping, maybe just hopin'
E7 E E7Some little girl will pass on by
B7 A A7 I don't wanna be alone but I love my girl at home
E7 E B7I remember what she said
E E7 EShe said, "My, my, my don't tell lies, keep fidelity in your head
A A7 E E7 EMy, my, my, don't tell lies. When you're done you sure hit the bed.
B7 A A7And don't say hi, like a spider to a fly
E E7 E B7Jump right ahead and you're dead"
E7Sit up, fed up, low down go round
E E7Down to the bar at the place I'm at
A A7Sitting, drinking, superficially thinking
E7 E E7About the rinsed-out blonde on my left
B7 A A7Then I said, "hi" like a spider to a fly
E E7 E B7Remembering what my little girl said
E7 She was hifty, thrifty, she looked about fifty
E E7I would have run away but I was on my own
A A7 AShe told me later she's a machine operator
E7 E E7She said she liked the way I held the microphone
B7 A A7And I said my, like the spider to the fly
E E7 E B7Jump right ahead in my web
Break Set8
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