Rolling Stones - The Spider And The Fly tab

The Spider and the fly (The Rolling Stones)

Sittin,thinkin, sinkin, drinkin

Wondering what I'd do when I'm thru tonight

Smoking, moping maybe just hopin

Some little girl will pass on by

  B7                       A7
I don't wanna be alone but I love my girl at home

E                     E7                 
I remember what she said

B7       E
She said My, my, my don't tell lies!

Keep fidelity in your head!

My,  my,  my,  Don't tell lies

When you've done your show hit the bed

B7           (A)               
Don't say Hi,like a spider to a fly

E                   F#m/E      E     B7   E7
Jump right ahead and your dead!

Sit up, fed up, low down, go round
Down to the bar at the place I'm at
Sitting, drinking,  superficially thinking
about the rinsed out blonde on my left
and then I said Hi,like a spider to a fly
Remembering what my little girl said

(harmonica solo)

she was common, flirty,
she looked about fifty
I would have run away but I was on my own
She told me later, she was a machine operator
she said she liked the way I held the microphone
she said, My, my, my, like a spider to a fly
Jump right ahead in my web!

(guitar solo and end)

It's not much...but it's my best ;-)
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