The Secret Place chords with lyrics by Ron Hamilton - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ron Hamilton – The Secret Place chords

This is one of my favorite songs written by Ron Hamiliton. A link to his music 
website is:  Enjoy!

G DI've found a secret place
C Gof comfort and release;
C GA special place of healing,
Am Da quiet place of peace.
G DAnd everyone who dwells there
C Gfinds rest beneath God's wings.
C GIn the shade of His pavilion
Am D7new strength he always breathes.
G EmI find hope; I find grace.
C DFar away from the world's embrace.
G EmHe gives me rest, He keeps me safe;
C D D7I find His strength; I seek His face
GIn the secret place.
G DIn every trial He brings
C G my Lord will make a way
C GTo comfort and protect me;
Am Dto help me face each day.
G DHe leads me through the valley
C Gto draw me closer still,
C GKnowing even in the shadows
Am D7I find His perfect will.
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