You Are chords with lyrics by Ron Kenoly - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ron Kenoly – You Are chords

Db Ab/DYou are the love of my life
Db/Bb Db/AbYou are the hope that I cling to
Gb2 Gb9/Ab DbYou mean more than this world to me
Db Ab/DI wouldn't trade You for silver or gold
Db/Db Ab/DI wouldn't trade You for riches untold
Gb2 Gb9/Ab DbYou are, You are my everything
Db/F Bbm7 Ebm Gb/Ab Db I wouldn't take one step without You, see I could never go alone.
Gb Db/F Bbm7I couldn't live one day without you
Db9 Gb Gb/Ab AbYou see I don't have the strength to make it on my own
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