Im Alone But Thats Okay chords with lyrics by Ron Sexsmith - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ron Sexsmith – Im Alone But Thats Okay chords

A beautiful little song from the end credits of the HBO series Family Tree.

lead vocals by Ron Sexsmith, 
Written by H.Collins/C.Guest


G C When I found you I found myself
G A I was gonna love you like nobody else
Am D But I never really had a clue
Am DHow to love a girl like you
G C Two true believers we devise
G A A temporary paradise
Am DNow our future's in the past
Am D G CI should've known it wouldn't last
D C G I should have been the better man
Em F C You could have been a better friend
D C G I'm alone but that's okay
Em F C GGuess the dice just rolled that way
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