Ronnettes – Be My Baby chords

EThe night we met
F#m BI knew I needed you so
EAnd if I had the chance
F#m BI'd never let you go
G#So won't you say you love me
C#7I'll make you so proud of me
F#We'll make 'em turn their heads
BEvery place we go
So won't you please (chorus)
EBe my, be my baby
(Be my little baby)
C#mMy one and only baby
(Say you'll be my darling)
ABe my, be my baby
B(Be my baby now) My one and only baby
EI'll make you happy, baby
F#m Bjust wait and see
EFor every kiss you give me
F#m BI'll give you three
G#Oh, since the day I saw you
C#7I have been waiting for you
F#You know I will adore you
BTill eternity so won't you please
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