Ronnie Ronalde - If I Were A Blackbird chords

Capo 2

[Am] [G] [Em] [F]I once knew a maiden, Her story is sad
[Am] [Em] [Am] [Em]She loved a young sailor, a brave sailor lad
[Am] [Em] [Am] [Em]He courted her daily, By night and by day
[Am] [G] [Em] [F]Till at last the young sailor, He sailed far away
[Am] [G] [Em] [F]If I were a blackbird, I'd whistle and sing
[Am] [Em] [Am] [Em]A long loving story, to him i would bring
[Am] [Em] [Am] [Em]Id tell him my sorrows, my grief and my woes
[Am] [G] [Em] [F]And when I go and find him, Id crown him with gold
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