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Roots – The Seed tab

The Roots - The Seed (2.0)

This band is an American band, Their site is THey are rmb, hip
hop and have been out for a while. THeir new CD is phrenology and this song id off this CD.

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There's two guitars on this one, if you want it to sound exactly like the 
record one should be an ES 135 and one should be a Les Paul, both with just 
a touch of distortion.

The ES 135 (Cody plays this part on the record as well as singing the 
pre-chorus and chorus) should play open chords thusly:

Am Dm F D7 G E7I---0---1---1---2---3---0---II---1---3---1---1---3---3---II---2---2---2---2---0---1---II---2---0---3---0---0---2---II---0---0---3---3---2---2---II---0---1---1---2---3---0---I
In this progression: Am Dm F D7 Am Dm Am G F D7 E7 The Les Paul (second guitar, whatever kind it is) should play barre chords and fills with two variations of F and D7 like so:
Am Dm F#1 or F#2 D7#1 or D7#2 G E7I---5---5---8-------1---5--------2-----3---0---II---5---6---10------1---7--------1-----3---3---II---5---7---10------2---5--------2-----4---1---II---7---7---10------3---7--------0-----5---2---II---7---5---8-------3---5--------3-----5---2---II---5---5---8-------1---5--------2-----3---0---I
In this progression: Am Dm F#1 D7#1 Am Dm Am G F#2 D7#2 E7 Listen to the song and then you will figure out how to play it.
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