Rory Gallagher - Im Not Surprised tab

this is my first tab, i couldn't find it anywhere
so i thought i'd give it a wee go myself hey....
excuse the crapness of it all, i'm not even sure
of the proper chord names...

chords                 D xx0232
                      G9 320030
                      C? x30030
                   Dsus4 xxo233
                       G 320033
                      Em 022000

intro is just            xo2030

D                  G9         Em               D        Dsus4 D
I'm not surprised, you didn't take the time to write me.
D                  G9         Em               D        Dsus4 D
I'm not surprised, you didn't take the time to call.
D       C?                   G9       G,F#,F,E7 (on the baseline)
But baby, you know it really shook me.
D          A
When baby, I heard you're not coming back at all.... (RIFF)


then a bit of D hammer-on, pull off Dsus4 action... I'm not surprised, you didn't stop to think about me. |same as before but |with the hammer-on I'm not surprised, you let me vanish from your mind. |A, open D thing |below after the But baby, you know it over took me. |D,Dsus4,D in the |first two lines When my friends said, you're gonna leave me here behind. |
Em G D Em G D between the D and Em in this bit heWhy must it be? Why must it be? does -D------0-----0-----0------|Em G D Em G D this -A--0h2---0h2---0h2--------|Why must it be? Why must it be? fill
I'm not surprised, you started out without me. | same again as the | second verse I'm not surprised, you even stopped to care. | | But baby, if you must desert me. | | When you go, don't talk about me when I'm not there. play riff to fade............ boom! |
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