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Rory Gallagher – Off The Handle tab

Rory Gallagher
Title: Off the Handle
Album: Top Priority (1979)

Standard Tuning


The band kicks in!E--------------------------------------|-------8-8------8-8------8-8-|B--------------------------------------|-------8-8------8-8------8-8-|G-----8----8-10b10-8-10b10-8-10b10-8---|--10h12----10h12----10h12----|D--10-8-10-8-10b10-8-10b10-8-10b10---9-|-----------------------------|A--10---10-----------------------------|-----------------------------|E--------------------------------------|-----------------------------|
E----------------------|B--11-11---------------|G--10b10--8------------| x 2 before "Well I, Fly off a handle".D-----------10--8h10---|A----------------------|E----------------------|
The song is a typical blues tune in the key of C. So during the first 8 bars of the vers can easily mess around and play all sorts of licks in the key of C, before it changes F and G. Listen to the song and you'll get it :) Chord changes: C Well, I fly off the handle a little too quick, Just call me a nervous man. For the last week or two, it don't take too much, To make me wanna raise the sand. Yeah... F Well, it's one of those days, When you`d rather not be, G So low down and dirty, Your luck's out at sea. Good luck with this awesome tune!
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