Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline tab

Main Riff (NB: this is the riff which is slightly (ahem) derivative of
		the ToL main riff):

Verse, Power Chords (NB: for those of you not familiar with power chords, a quick lesson. The power chord is the simplest possible form of chord to play! Simply take one finger and place it on the correct note (eg. to play a D power chord, place a finger on the 5th fret of the A-string), then place another finger on the next string up (or down when looking at your fingers) two frets further up the neck (eg. to play a D, with one finger on the 5th of A, place another on the 7th of D). Now strum the two strings!! Easy! ) i.e. D = x-5-7-7-x-x-x (-ed .. I hold down 3 strings for power chords :) The following power chords are used: D = D:7 E = D:9 F = D:10 C = D:5 A:5 A:7 A:8 A:3 G = D:12 A:10 Here's where they go: D E F Another gift from god D E F Breathing deep religiously D E F Dust.................. C E F Splintering inside of me D E F Light speed........... D E F Intensity............. C E F Driven by its purity G Cloud nine white line this time I'm on Adrenaline Solo riff:
And there you go, it's DIY from there! Best of luck! Porl @
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