Rosewood Thieves – Mad Man Blues chords

Intro: Fm

Fm I saw you with a mad man,
Bbm running down the street with a hold of your hand.
CmI saw you turning the corner,
Fmwondering if id ever see you again.
Fmoh come on, (come on) oh darling (oh darling),
Bbmthe earth is spinning so fast.
CmSleeping on the floor of your apartment,
Fmpraying that these dreams don't last.
You were
Bbm Fmsailing across the ocean.
Bbm FmWatching the sky turning black.
Bbm FmWaves clashing in slow motion.
CmI didn't think you're ever coming back.
FmWhat's wrong
mysterious princess?
BbmWhy you always looking so sad?
CmYou say you'll never tell me,
Fmno matter how many times i ask.
FmOh please (oh please),
Bbmoh baby don't cry (baby don't cry),
Cm'cause all i want is to dream
Fmknowing that you're laying by my side.
We were
Bbm Fmcaught cold in a terrible storm.
Bbm FmSnow falling from above.
Bbm FmWrapped you up in my arms to keep you warm,
Cmtrying to get through to you with all of my love
FmOh hitchhiking
down the highway
Bbmbeneath the midnight moon.
CmSaying ghost faces driving past me,
Fmall of them looking just like you.
Interlude: Fm, Bbm, Cm, Bbm, Cm, Bbm, Fm
Bbm Fm Well the wind was knocking on my window,
Bbm Fmfootsteps coming down the hall,
Bbm Fmand I ran to the roof in the shadow,
CmI stood thinking what'd to be like to fall.
FmCome on, (come on) oh darling, (oh darling),
Bbmdon't let me dreams come true.
FmOh come on (come on), oh darling (oh darling),
BbmDon't let me dreams come true
FmOh come on (come on), oh darling (oh darling),
Cm Bbm Cm FmI'll let you get close to me if you just let me get close to you.
solo/outro: Fm Hey! End on Fm
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