Rothberg Patti - Its Alright tab


From Wed Apr  2 08:46:31 1997
Date: 22 Mar 1997 07:33:17 Z
From: "Boulton, Nic" 
To: Return requested 


From Between the 1 and the 9. Tune up just a tad (about an eighth of a   
step) to play with the CD.

[intro]: B A A As A E Ae ----------------------------------------------------------------B -------4---4---2----2------0-2--------2h3p2-2--00---0-----0-2---G -------4---4--02----2--2-2-2-2--------2-----2--01---1-1-1-0-2---D ------4----4--02----2--2-2-2-2-------2------2---2---2-2-2---2---A -----2-----------------0-0----------0-----------------2-2-------E ----------------------------------------------------------------
B A A As Ae ----------------------------------------------------------------B -------4---4---2----2------0-2----2--------------2h3p2--0-------G -------4---4--02----2--2-2-2-2----2--------------2----2---2-----D ------4----4--02----2--2-2-2-2----2-------------2---------------A -----2-----------------0-0---------------------0----------------E ----------------------------------------------------------------
[verse] : B A A As A E Ae -||------------------------------------------------------------||B -||----4---4---2----2------0-2--------2h3p2-2--00---0-----0-2--||G -||:---4---4--02----2--2-2-2-2--------2-----2--01---1-1-1-0-2-:||D -||---4----4--02----2--2-2-2-2-------2------2---2---2-2-2---2--||A -||--2-----------------0-0----------0-----------------2-2------||E -||------------------------------------------------------------|| burning in your ashes flowers in my handtake the glass from which we shared and turn it into sand fantasy- a love's mirage slipping through my hands knowing that you never follow anyone's demands
[chorus] :
F#m A C#m Be ----2--2------0--0--------------------------------B -----2----2----2--2-2-------5------4--------------G --2--------2----2--2-------6--6----4---4------4---D --4--------2---------------6-------4-----4-4/6----A --2--------0---------------4-------2--------------E -------------------------------------------------- its alright I know I'm gonna live its alright I know I'm gonna live its alright I know I'm gonna live
D E(IV) B coz I know you gave the best you could give [verse2]: coming to my senses was never really me you've broken down my defences and you left me in the debris you know I close my eyes to escape you but your face is all I see this war is never ending and I'm never gonna be free [chorus] EADGBe x24442 - B x02220 - A x02230 - As(us) 022100 - E xx0232 - D xxx454 - E(IV) xx4222 - F#m x4665x - C#m h is a hammer on p is a pull off / is a slide up sweet Nic
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