Rough Cutt - Piece Of My Heart tab

Tabbed by: H.E.L.L.I.O.N.

Artist: Rough Cutt
Title: Piece of my heart (intro)
Album: Rough Cutt (1985)

Rough Cutt was a band from 80īs (1980-1987). It realeased two studio albums and one live
Line-up on this album was : Paul Shortino-Lead Vocals,  Amir Derakh-Guitar, Chris
Matt Thorr-Bass and Dave Alford-Drums. This song is Erma Franklinīs song cover ( 
thinks this is originally by Janis Joplin , but Itīs originally Erma Franlinīs). I thinks
Cuttīs version is the best because I like Glam/Hair metal specially 80īs. Iīve just  
the intro yet. Enjoy It!

Here it is.
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