Roxy Music – 2hb chords ver. 4

Artist: Roxy Music
Song: 2HB
Tabbed by:DJ


Capo: 4th fret (Sounds in the key of Db)

E7sus4/A Dsus2/A e|---0------------------------|B|------3-------------0--h3---|G|---------4---2--2-----------|D|----------------------------|A|---0---------0--0-----------|E|----------------------------| (repeat 6 times)
D A E7sus4 E7 E7sus4Oh, I was moved by your screen dream,
D A E7sus4 E7 E7sus4Celluloid pictures a - liv - ing,
C G E Esus4 E Esus4Your death could not kill our love for you! | / / / / |
D A E7sus4 E7 E7sus4Take two people ro - man - tic,
D A E7sus4 E7 E7sus4Smokey night club situ - a - tion,
C G E Esus4 E Esus4Your cigarette traces a ladder! | / / / / |
A E"Here's looking at you, kid!", celebrate years,
D "Here's looking at you, kid!", wipe away tears,
A ELong time, since we're to - gether,
A Asus4 A Asus4Now I hope it's for - ever! | / / / / |
D A E7sus4 E7 E7sus4Words don't ex - press my mean - ing,
D A E7sus4 E7 E7sus4Notes could not spell out the score-----,
C G E Esus4 E Esus4But finding, not keeping's the lesson! | / / / / |
A E"Here's looking at you, kid!", hard to for - get,
D "Here's looking at you, kid!", at least not yet,
A EYour memory stays, it lingers ever,
A Asus4 Will fade away never!
A Asus4 A Asus4 Fade away never! (repeat)
************************************ E7sus4/A = x0x430 Dsus2/A = x0x230 A = x02220 D = xx0232 E7sus4 = 020200 E7 = 020100 C = x32010 G = 320003 E = 022100 Esus4 = 022200 Asus4 = x02230
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