Roxy Music – Street Life tab

Street Life – Roxy Music
Eb Db Ab Bb Eb Db Ab B Bb B Db Eb |:Intro repeat-x2------:|then------------------|-----------------||-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------||--8------6-------------|--8-----6-------------|--------------6--||--8------6-----6---8---|--8-----6-----6---9---|8---8-8-8--9--6--||--6----4-4-----6---8---|--6---4-4-----6---9---|8---8-8-8--9--4--||---------------4---6---|--------------4---7---|6---6-6-6--7-----| Wish..
|Eb fill-1---------||Eb fill 2-Bb------||------------------||------------------||--------6---------||--------6---------||----6-8---8~------||----6-8---10--8-8~||6-9---------------||6-9---------------||------------------||------------------|
Eb fill 1 Wish everybody would leave me alone, yeah! They're always calling on my telephone When I pick it up there's no-one there Eb Bb fill2 So I walk outside just to take air Come on with me cruising down the street Who knows what you'll see, who you might meet This brave new world's not like yesterday It can take you higher than the milky way Now I'm blinded I can really see, yeah No more bright lights confusing me, no Don't ask me why I'm feeling blue Because loving you is all I can do, ooh..... Intro Hey good looking boys gather around The sidewalk papers gutter press you down All those lies can be so unkind They can make you feel like you're losing your mind Eb Street Life Street Life Street Life What a Bb life! Intro Back to nature boys - vasser girls too Watch what you say, or think, or do Continental-style strasse girls might But you know exactly if it´s wrong or right Education is an important key - yes But the good life´s never won by degrees - no Pointless passing through harvard or yale Only window shopping - its strictly no sale Week end starts friday soon after eight Your jet black magic helps you celebrate You may be stranded if you stick around - and that´s really something... Listen to the CD you'll soon get the hang of it. Enjoy!!!
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