Roy Head And The Traits - Treat Her Right chords

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Treat Her Right chords
Roy Head and the Traits

G7 C G7 D C G7 Hey
G7 C G7 D C G7 D7
G7I wanna tell you a story
Every man oughta know
CIf you want a little loving
G7You gotta start real slow
D CShe's gonna love you tonight now
G7 D7If you just treat her right
G7Oh squeeze her real gentle
Gotta make her feel good
CTell her that you love her
G7Like you know you should
D CAnd she'll be glad every night
G7 D7That you treated her right
G7 If you practice my method
Just as hard as you can
CYou're gonna get a reputation
G7As a lovin' man
D CAnd you'll be glad every night
G7That you treated her right
G7 C G7 D C G7 Hey alright
G7 C G7 D C G7 D7 Set8
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