Royal Wood – Not Giving Up chords

Tuning: Standard


B F# Ebm C#e|--2-----2------6------4--------------------------------------------|B|--4-----2------7------6--------------------------------------------|G|--4-----3------8------6--------------------------------------------|D|--4-----4------8------6--------------------------------------------|A|--2-----4------6------4--------------------------------------------|E|--2-----2------6------4--------------------------------------------|
The chords repeat throughout the whole song Tuning:
B F# EbmThis room barely alive
C#...From all the ghosts we have
I witness in your eyes We may have nothing left What is the meaning of? The lies we tell as truth One thing I’m certain of Is that I’ve little more to lose Well faith means little if We have no where to stand This wound is deeper now And I’m a broken man You held your words. A knife The weapon armed again But I’m not walking from Our dream it grows as I begin Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up I used to feel us so on fire And now I feel heat for the truth With every flame of my desire I’m not giving up on you How love can teeter on The edges of a blade On either side it waits The light and darkness play I am not banking on A simple twist of fate I’m on a holy war And how the battle ends today
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