Royseven - Killer chords

Tabbed By:SSJ Fahjita or Rob :D

Acousitc Version

These guys are an amazing band and i recently played this song along with them 
when they came to my school :D This song is played acoustically in standard tuning but 
if you want to play with the CD you gotta put a capo On the 1st Fret,

Hope ya'll like it, not exactly perfect but hope it helps ya :)


[C] x3

Then [D] strummed about 5 times to fill the drum part

Theres are quick riff Played before the verse aswell thats played like this:e|-------------------3-3------------------3-3--------------------------------|B|------------1-1-----------------1-1------------------1~--------------------|G|---2-2--------------------2-2-----------------2-2--------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: The verse and chorus consist of only 4 easy chords :D
[Am] [C] [F] [D]e--0-----0-----1-----2-----]B--1-----1-----1-----3-----]G--2-----0-----2-----2-----]D--2-----2-----3-----0-----]A--0-----3-----3-----0-----]E--0-----0-----1-----0-----]
[Am] [C]In the dark of night, before the early light,
[F] [D]he stays awake to watch you sleep.
[Am] [C]He will be waiting, patiently creating, something
[F] [D]that you never could foresee.
[Am] [C]There's a Killer, there's a Killer and he knows your
[F] [D]name, he's seen your face, seen your face, seen your
[Am] [C] [F] [D]Killer, killer killer,Killer, killer killer,Killer, killer killer...
The intro riff is also played at end of the chorus and then back into the second verse, The rest of the song is relatively repeated the same way :) If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment!
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